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Small Kitchen Space – No Problems

When it comes to the most important room in your home, size isn’t everything if you have a well-designed plan. Of course, everyone would love to have a lavish kitchen that’s bigger than an apartment but for majority of us we do not have the space for such a grand design.

At the end of the day it isn’t about the size or space you have available it is about what you do with the area that really counts.

If you are clever with your design you will be able to create a beautiful small kitchen that caters to all your family’s needs.

Attentiveness To Detail

My Beautiful Home is obsessed with attention to detail, as you can see from our images in our websites gallery, we apply this to every project we undertake. It is especially important when we are creating a kitchen where space is at a minimum.

We always begin with the basics questions:

These are fundamental in any kitchen renovation, once we have your answers our amazing designers will be able to help you create a kitchen you will love and want to spend time in. A lot of customers wonder if it is possible to create a larger looking space or if you can even transform a small kitchen. Of course the answer is yes when following some key principles.

Small Kitchen Design Principles

When creating a small kitchen there are some common factors to be considered when attempting to find the perfect balance between form and function.

The best kitchens show the following traits:

Use Of Storage Space

Space maximisation is vital in any renovation project, but more so in a smaller kitchen. My Beautiful Home will help you increase efficiency by utilising every possible nook and cranny.


Drawers are a very effect use of space, they are easier to access and they can have up to 50% more storage space then a cupboard in the equivalent space.

With drawers you can put larger items into the bottom and insert another drawer directly above to be used for the smaller items such as pot lids. That way you are using all of the inner space as opposed to a cupboard where there is a lot of unused space above what is stored.

Drawers are great for crockery, glass wear, plastics, pots and pans as well as pantry items. As mentioned above drawers provide more storage space then cupboards so in this situation more is better.

Pull out pantries:

Easy access slide-out shelving within the cabinetry is another great option when working with a small kitchen, provides you will the same amount of storage as a traditional pantry but hidden away. There are products that provide access, quality and dividers to keep your provisions organised.

Just another small tip: Another thought to keep in mind is limiting the number of tall cabinets is another way of making a smaller room feel more spacious.

Corner Cabinets:

These areas are often seen to many as a “dead” space but you can use great space creators such as, having corner cabinets that pop out when you need it and slides back in when you don’t helps make great use of every possible area. Another great idea for a corner cabinet can be to place an appliance such as an under bench microwave on one side and to not waste the corner placing a cupboard on the opposite side. This allows you to still get full use of the whole corner for that much needed storage.

Cupboards and their doors:

Profiled doors often make a room feel too busy, whereas using a flat door can create an illusion of space. The handles also play an important part in the kitchen, modern square look handles below the benchtop will mean they do not take over space as they still remain practical for the use. No handles on overhead cabinetry allows the kitchen to blend seamlessly into the room.


The layout of your kitchen will be influenced by your specific needs and wants for the kitchen. Would you prefer a more interactive space? Then you might be more suitable for a gallery style or would you prefer a kitchen that gives you a lot more storage space? Then the U shape kitchen might be your go to design.

Visual illusions is another way to use “tricks” to make the room seem larger. Lighting is one of these. Natural light always makes a space feel larger. Is there ways of accessing more natural light? Possibly through a windowed door or even a sky light (this is an economical addition also).

The use of glass and mirrored materials also can make a significant difference. High glossy tiles, ceramic stiles, stainless steel and mirrored splashbacks are great examples of commonly used materials to create more light as they reflect creating a feel of more space.

LED bulbs and pendant lighting can also have a significant visual impact as they can create an attractive focal point that draws the eyes attention.


There are exceptions to everything, but most of the time predominantly dark colours could make your already small space seem claustrophobic.

You want to look at lighter and more neutral colours for your walls, doors and cabinetry. Putting splashes of bolder colours and different textures in specific areas – like the benchtop, splashback or even appliances – adds interest and warmth without compromising on your sense of space.

If you prefer the look of darker colours consider a darker floor and/or darker cabinetry below waist height, closer to the floor.

Benchtops and appliances

With apartments and townhouses becoming the norm they are producing a lot more appliances to cater to this. From dishwasher to fridges that are more compact and slimline while still being just as attractive and functional as the standard.

Integrating appliances such as the dishwasher can make the kitchen seem less cluttered while also adding to the illusion of extra space.

Under benchtop microwaves are another small trick to save your space.

Getting creative with your benchtop by having a benchtop that doubles as a preparation and eating area or having smaller or undermount sinks can create bench space further while also being more visually appealing.

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