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It’s Time To Upgrade And Renovate The Kitchen!

Perfect, what are you waiting for, the end results can lead to:
Yes, that’s the end result so let’s take a little step back and go one step at a time. A lot is involved in getting the end result you dream of, here in the Eastern suburbs, My Beautiful Home are here for you every step of the way to help you decide and implement everything it involves in this complex and time-consuming project.
Below are our 4 top considerations before starting the build:

What Do You Wish To Accomplish?

Destination! It’s impossible to get anywhere without the final destination in view.

What is it exactly that you want out of your new kitchen? Is it more storage space or does the current space need freshening up (possibly some new benchtops or cupboards)? Do you feel cramped while preparing your meals, do you require a bigger bench space?

Whatever the reason, be clear on what you require. Then you can begin your:


This is the most exciting part of the process; inspiration jumps out at you from everywhere. Everyone researches with the same intent – educating ourselves on the process ahead of us. We want to find all the elements and ideas from other kitchens we will be incorporating into our dream kitchen.

This is the time you should go into a kitchen showroom to get ideas for the wide array of kitchen materials, finishes, hardware and components. And you’ll see designs to maximise form and function – actual displays that look great and use up every bit of spare space as effectively as possible.

Planning the design!

Planning is key! We here at My Beautiful Home cannot emphasise enough how important it is to properly plan out your renovation. This will help you have a smooth process from the beginning of the renovation through to the end.

The main areas to focus on when planning your kitchen are:

Layout and design – what layout design are you wanting? Do you want a modern design or a more traditional kitchen? Which of these designs and layouts best suit your budget, does the design your looking at require structural work completed?

Materials, fixtures and storage – Are you looking to maximise your space? There Is so many innovative solutions out there, but also how much storage space will you Actually be needing? Laminate, timber or stone benchtops, tiled or mirrored splashbacks? What sorts of cabinet handles? What style of lighting?

These are just a few examples of the many material choices available. You need to consider what best works with your space and budget.


There are many factors that influence the cost of a renovation, the main ones being the size of the space, the required materials and the trades being used. Decide your budget and see what you can achieve. A well-established company will show you how to make savings and where is best to spend the money helping you get the most out of the budget set.

What you require for the project

Having a specialist renovation company is one of the best ways to go about your project as it’s as simple as “leave it to the professionals”. This will give you peace of mind with an efficient renovation process, leaving you with no inconvenience and this will be the most efficient way to have a kitchen that maximises your budget effectively. All the regulatory issues around plumbing, electrical and ventilation are all taken care of as you get the best designs to suit your needs. A company like My Beautiful Home manages every stage of the renovation, you do not need to worry about a thing and if things are not going quite to plan, we are there to fix it.

Renovating is an exciting experience, following these steps will allow you to be in the best possible position and ensure you get the amazing results you are after.

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